KeyAlert, Inc.
Fairmont, WV


TMC Technologies is providing technical support to KeyAlert, Inc. TMC developers are enhancing and expanding the feature set of KeyAlert, a computer-based enterprise security product. KeyAlert can be deployed throughout an organization and enables users to covertly send threat condition notifications to security, medical, and/or management personnel via computer screen alerts, emails and text messages. It also opens audio channels between sending and receiving sites to allow monitoring personnel to hear and record the background sounds in the sending location.

The KeyAlert system is comprised of two C# Windows applications and a .net web service with a backend database. The client applications utilize both synchronous and asynchronous calls to communicate with the web service in order to maximize performance. The web service implements a long polling technique to simulate "push" technology, thus eliminating the network overhead of traditional client to web service timer-based polling. The web service also supports streaming audio data between the client applications.

TMC is also using Dreamweaver to update KeyAlert’s company website.


Period of Performance:

2010 to 2013


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