NASA Technical Expertise Support Services (TESS)




Fairmont, WV


The NASA mission of the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Program is to provide our customers assurance that their safety and mission-critical software will operate reliably and safely and to advance the systems and software engineering disciplines.  To achieve its mission the facility has identified Strategic Goals which are:

  • Maintain and develop effective and efficient system and software assurance related services provided to NASA, other government agencies and organizations globally, that field safety and mission critical systems
  • Create and institutionalize innovative technologies and capabilities required for providing evidence that safety and mission critical systems and software will operate reliably and safely
  • Advance the systems and software engineering discipline for the benefit of the Nation and Federal government
  • Ensure IV&V program capabilities and services are state-of-the-practice and represent standards of excellence for enabling NASA and IV&V program activities
  • Share NASA and the IV&V program with the public, educators and students to provide opportunities to participate in our mission, foster innovation and contribute to a strong national and state economy

To support the IV&V Program mission, and ultimately realize the IV&V Program’s goals, there exists a set of functions performed by the IV&V Program.  TMC Technologies was awarded the NASA Technical Expertise Support Services (TESS) contract to support the government in the execution and advancement of TESS Statement of Work (SOW) areas as delineated below:

  1. Flight Software Test Beds / Simulation Development & Maintenance (FSTB)
  2. Capability Development (CD) Support
  3. Technical Quality and Excellence (TQ&E) Support
  4. Software Issues and Anomalies
  5. Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Office (SSO) Support
  6. IV&V Program Management and Institutional Services  Support
  7. Technical Assessments /Studies

TMC initiated work on the TESS contract in June of 2014 and the contract runs into 2019, should all performance year options be exercised.  The contract value for the TESS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) single award contract vehicle is $9.4M over the five year performance period.

Period of Performance:

June 2014 to Present



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