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Clarksburg, WV


TMC Technologies/Galaxy Global Corporation is under subcontract to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to provide support in Research and Development, Technology Insertion, Systems Integration and Systems Engineering; Installation of hardware and software/firmware; Test and Evaluation; and Studies and Analyses (other than R&D) in support of the Army's Biometrics Identity Management Agency (BIMA).

The range of TMC/Galaxy support includes the following:

  • Supporting the development and integration of the Biometric Identification Systems for Access (BISA)
  • Developing Modeling and Simulation Transaction Manager software that is being used for experimentation while assessing emerging biometric technologies
  • Supporting COTS hardware/software upgrades and integration for the BISA system
  • Developing Iris project software
  • Developing Modeling and Simulation software
  • Designing and developing the database for the Modeling and Simulation software project
  • Analyzing¬†overall system requirements in support of test and evaluation of the biometrics systems
  • Validating systems requirements prior to system development to ensure the system will meet the users' needs
  • Performing maintenance operations on the BISA project
  • Serving as members of the Change Control Board ensuring that all requests are evaluated and properly implemented and validated

Period of Performance:

December 2008 to June 2013



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