NASA Anomalies


Fairmont, WV


TMC’s subsidiary, Galaxy Global Corporation, supported the NASA IV&V Facility’s On-Orbit Anomalies project as a prime contractor through the GSA Schedule contract vehicle.  Through its support of the On-Orbit Anomalies research and analysis, Galaxy has enabled the development of an efficient process by which on-orbit anomaly data for launched NASA missions are collected and analyzed.  The objectives of this project are to capture the related data from post-launch anomaly data repositories and to investigate any correlations with the analysis findings.  Galaxy has performed root cause analysis following NASA practices in reviewing legacy data so that lessons learned may be shared through the NASA Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.  Galaxy utilizes best practices provided by senior NASA management for data management, data mining, and analysis of anomalies so that process improvements may be applied to future NASA Programs.

Period of Performance:

May 2005 to June 2014


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