NASA IV&V Program Metrics


Fairmont, WV


TMC’s subsidiary, Galaxy Global Corporation, supported the NASA IV&V Facility’s Metrics Data Program (MDP) activities as a prime contractor through the GSA Schedule contract vehicle.  Galaxy developed the Program Metrics Plan (PMP), establishing and defining systematic processes and procedures for collecting and reporting project and program metrics data.  These processes provide a sustainable, understandable and consistent method for data collection and analysis, enabling management decisions based on timely, accurate information.

The scope of this metrics program includes defining the measurements; implementing the PMP across project and program wide activities; and providing training for the defined processes, procedures and tools utilized in metrics collection and analysis.  The metrics reports help project managers measure and analyze their projects’ progress and performance and are utilized for problem identification/resolution; early risk identification and mitigation; and resource planning/allocation.

Period of Performance:

May 2005 to June 2014


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