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TMC's subsidiary, Galaxy Global Corporation, is under subcontract to L-3 Communications to provide Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) analysis activities on NASA projects (e.g., International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Constellation, Orion, DAWN, Orbiting Carbon Observer, James Web Space Telescope, etc.).  Galaxy follows the standard IV&V processes and procedures developed from the IEEE 1012 V&V standards and implemented throughout the project lifecycle.  Some examples of the procedures/work instructions involved follow:

  • Software Requirements Analysis
  • Traceability Analysis
  • Software Code Analysis
  • IV&V Testing
  • Software Change Impact Analysis
  • Control of Analytical Resources

Galaxy personnel have served in Project Management, Technical Lead and IV&V analyst positions during the performance of this work.  Galaxy personnel interface directly with the developers, communicating issues and obtaining acceptance of the issues identified during Galaxy's analysis.  This requires excellent communications skills and the ability to transfer information at all levels.  This close working relationship with the developer team allows for expedient resolution of issues and more effective services to the government.

Period of Performance:

2005 to 2013


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